Who’s Involved?


This project is built on the energy and commitment of a lot of people. From project management to design and facilitation to community outreach–we’re engaging a number of residents and non-residents (noted) to help us guide and deliver this project. If you are interested in participating in this capacity please reach out via the contact form here.


Core Team

Design Team

Pasqualina Azzarello
Easthampton City Arts
Community Engagement

Sita Magnuson
Dpict Project Lead

Jen Sandler
Facilitation & Outreach

Andy Goulet
Project Management & Coordination

Haley McDevitt
Easthampton City Arts
Research & Visualization

Greg Richane
Strategy & Design

Erin Wnorowski
Outreach & Communications

Pat Brough
Casey Douglass
Matt Dube
Asher Hamilton
Doris Madsen
Burns Maxey
Jason Montgomery
Marcia Morrison
Maggie Nowinski
Rachel Phillips

Lois Peirent
Denise Riggs
Joshua Suchoza
Matt Waugh
Hayley Wood
Marjory Zaik

Facilitation Team


Leslie Abraham (Local)
Pasqualina Azzarello (Local)
Jim Bliss (Local)
Jackie Brown (Local)
Molly Brown-Hill (Local)
Alicia Bramlett (North Carolina)
Maria Chercoles (New York)
Marsha Dunn (Georgetown, Maine)
Andy Goulet (Local)
Justin Helelpololei (local)
Raghavendra Kandala (New York)
Axel Magnuson (Manchester, MA)
Haley McDevitt (Local)

Sascha Mombartz (New York)
Nicole Okumu (New York)
Greg Richane (Local)
Mica Reel (Local)
Monique Roberts (Local)
Jen Sandler (Local)
Constanza Segovia (Hartford, CT)
Michele Steckler (Old Chatham, NY)
Sylvia Vriesendorp (Manchester, MA)
Erin Wnorowski
Elin Weeman (
Cambridge, MA)
Hayley Wood (Local)

More to be confirmed.

Dpict Advisory Council


Marga Biller
Cambridge, MA

Svenja Bodtlaender
Munich, Germany

Alicia Bramlett
Wilmington, NC

Erica Dorn
Portland, OR

Marsha Dunn
Georgetown, ME

Erin Dixon
Orillia, (Ontario) Canada

Mike Fleisch
Cincinatti, OH

María José Giménez
Easthampton, MA

Alexander Golob
Haverhill, MA

Kristin Humbargar
Essex Junction, VT

Axel Magnuson
Manchester, MA

Sascha Mombartz
New York, NY

Shiela Novak
Boston, MA

Teresa Roche
Fort Collins, CO

Rick Smyre
Gastonia, NC

Bill Snyder
Eastern MA

Michele Steckler
East Chatham, NY

Mike Stone
Holyoke, MA

Gail & Matt Taylor
Gualala, CA

Sylvia Vriesendorp
Manchester, MA

Organizational Partners, Collaborators & Sponsors