Arts, Culture & Community Development

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“Arts and culture are essential for building community, supporting development, nurturing health and well-being, and contributing to economic opportunity. A core focus of ArtPlace America’s Community Development Investments program was to learn from how six organizationsin urban, rural, and tribal areas were able to incorporate arts and culture into their work, help them achieve their missions more effectively, and bring about positive outcomes for their communities.

These organizations have grappled with local equity issues such as pressures of gentrification and displacement, health equity, affordable housing, and questions around the preservation and development of identity. As the research and documentation partner to ArtPlace, PolicyLink collaborated with the participating organizations, their arts partners, and local community leaders throughout the program’s duration (2015-2019) to harvest the knowledge gained, lessons learned, and impacts observed when arts and cultural strategies are deployed in service of comprehensive community development and planning.”

Sita Magnuson